"Dixon has the opportunity to show she can be gracious in defeat"

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Dixon Still Trying To Steal The Election
Douglas R. Barry  May 5, 2016

It's time for Sheila Dixon to do something big for the city of Baltimore - accept defeat. Asking for a recount is a completely acceptable request, as long as the ballots cast are the only votes being counted and the Dixon campaign is willing to pay for it, but the Dixon camp is indicating they won't give in, no matter what the ballots show.

There is no question there were irregularities on Election Day. As I watched election judges work to get the vote count off the new voting machines, it was clear that training on the new machines was insufficient. Judges were reading through manuals trying to figure out how to get an accurate print out without causing any damage. There were also problems in the morning which caused the polling location to open eighteen minutes late and forced some voters to leave without voting so they could get to work (We did see some of those people return in the evening). Other locations were reported to open as much as ninety minutes late.

That said, there is no evidence that the improprieties changed the election results. If polls opened late, that means that Catherine Pugh's voters couldn't vote before work either. Based on the final numbers at my location, if anyone couldn't get back, more than likely it cost votes for Elizabeth Embry.

The Dixon campaign has even suggested re-doing the primary election (that's not going to happen by the way). Never mind that that would trample on the voting rights of everyone that voted on April 26th, but Dixon has no concern for the expense to the city and state, the schedules of the poll workers and the fact that it would be completely impossible logistically.

Dixon has the opportunity to show that she can be gracious in defeat, but so far she won't do that. She campaigned on the assertion that she could bring the city together, but her actions show she is willing to keep the city divided to the bitter end.